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Celebrity Dentist Dr. Grace Sun has many famous clients
in Film, TV, Music and Sports. Why not join them?

  Howie Long   Megan Fox   Sheryl Crow   Jason Statham  
  Howie Long, athlete, sportscaster
NFL Hall of Famer, Fox Sports

  Megan Fox, actress & model
Transformers,Hope & Faith

  Sheryl Crow, Singer-Songwriter
Soak up the Sun, All I Want to Do

  Jason Statham, actor
The Expendables, Italian Job

  Bill Murray   Ellen Page   Samuel L. Jackson   Jennifer Love Hewitt  
  Bill Murray, actor
SNL, Lost in Translation

  Ellen Page, actress
Juno, X-Men, Inception

  Samuel L. Jackson, actor
Snakes on a Plane, Pulp Fiction
  Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress
The Client List, Ghost Whisperer

  Rosie Huntington   Sylvester Stallone   Elisha Cuthbert   Costas Mandylor  
  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, model
Victoria's Secret

  Sylvester Stallone, actor & director
Rocky, Rambo, The Expendables

  Elisha Cuthbert, actress
Girl Next Door, 24

  Costas Mandylor, actor
Picket Fences, Saw film series

  Julian McMahon   Talisa Soto   Hank Cheyne   Virginia Masden  
  Julian McMahon, actor
Nip Tuck, Charmed

  Talisa Soto, model & actress
License to Kill, Mortal Kombat

  Hank Cheyne, actor
Sunset Beach, Saints & Sinners

  Virginia Masden, actress
Sideways, The Number 23

  Julie Brown   Jean Claude Van Damme   Kelly Brook   Troy Polamalu  
  Downtown Julie Brown, actress
MTV V-J, Spy Hard

  Jean Claude Van Damme, actor
Kickboxer, In Hell, Bloodsport

  Kelly Brook, model and actress
Survival Island, Piranha 3D

  Troy Polamalu, NFL player
Pittsburgh Steelers

  Jon Anderson of the band Yes   Kelly Lynch   Meatloaf   Kari Ann Peniche  
  Jon Anderson, lead singer of YES
Close to the Edge, Awaken

  Kelly Lynch, actress
Roadhouse, Drugstore Cowboy

  Meat Loaf, musician & actor
Bat at of Hell, Rocky Horror

  Kari Ann Peniche, Miss US Teen
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

  Kristian Alfonso   Mario Van Peebles   Lauren Graham   Masaya Kato  
  Kristian Alfonso, actress
Days of our Lives, Falcon Crest

  Mario Van Peebles, director
New Jack City

  Lauren Graham, actress
Gilmore Girls, Parenthood

  Masaya Kato, actor
Unfair, Unfair 2

  Michael Madsen   Lori Hammel   Mykelti Williamson   Liza Dicconson  
  Michael Madsen, actor and poet
Kill Bill 1&2, Donnie Brasco

  Lori Hammel, actress
Burn After Reading, Thanksgiving

  Mykelti Williamson, actor
Forrest Gump, Con Air, 24

  Liza Dicconson, actress
Parallel Lives

  Melody Scott   Antonio Sabato   Mena Suvari   Amir Khan  
  Melody Scott, actress
Young and the Restless

  Antonio Sabato, actor and model
Calvin Klein, General Hospital

  Mena Suvari, actress
American Beauty

  Amir Khan, boxer
Two-time WBA World Champ

  Christopher Mcdonald   Oksana Baiul   Sean Avery   Renee Jones  
  Christopher Mcdonald, actor
Happy Gilmore, Requeim

  Oksana Baiul, Ice Skater
Gold Medalist, 1994 Olympics

  Sean Avery, NHL Player
Red Wings, Kings
  Renee Jones, actress
Days of Our Lives, Friday the 13th VI

  Rickie Lee Jones   Trevor Ariza   Ruth Pointer   George Haber  
  Rickie Lee Jones, musician
Chuck E's in Love

  Trevor Ariza, NBA player
Washington Wizards

  Ruth Pointer, singer
The Pointer Sisters

  George Haber, singer
Seccion Varo

  Sandra Williamson   Tsai Chin   Kari Ann Peniche   Angelique  
  Sandra Williamson, actress
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

  Tsai Chin, actress
Joy Luck Club, Memoirs of a Giesha

  Kari Ann Peniche, Miss US Teen
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

  Angelique Sabrina, singer
Pull Up

  Susan Blakely   Alexia   Sun Ho   Troy Beyer  
  Susan Blakely, actress
Rich Man, Poor Man

  Alexis Dziena, actress
Entourage, Broken Flowers

  Sun Ho, pop singer
China Wine, Gone

  Troy Beyer, actress & director
Love Don'r Cost a Thing

  Diahann Carroll   Carla Baron   Cirque du Soleil   Brigitte Nielson  
  Diahann Carroll, singer and actress
Dynasty, Julia, White Collar

  Carla Baron,Famous TV Psychic
Haunting Evidence

  Cast Members of
Cirque du Soleil

  Brigitte Nielson, model and actress
Red Sonja, Rocky IV


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