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MyoOrthodontics & Alternative Orthodontics

MyoOrthodontics Saves Teeth!

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What causes crooked teeth? Big teeth? Small jaws? Or incorrect oral function? If function and jaw size are correct, your teeth will fall into the right place.

Our goal is to help every patient achieve ultimate alignment of their jaws and teeth by encouraging biological functions like nasal breathing and proper oral posture.

We combine MyoOrtho (the strengthening of orofacial muscles with myofunctional therapy) with MyoBrace, DNA expanders and ALF appliances to encourage ideal jaw development.

Achieving proper lip seal, swallow, oral posture and nasal breathing all contribute to a balanced face and beautiful smile. We cater to all age groups, from juniors to seniors!

Ask about our MyoOrtho and MyoBrace treatments during your complimentary visit.
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