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Reviews From Our Happy Clients

Our patients love us as much as we love them. We can’t share our sweet treats with you, but we can share some sweet words instead.

"Grace, Thank you for everything."

Love, Kristian Alfonso


"Doctor Sun, best smile in the NHL..."

Sean Avery


"Dr. Sun, Thank you so much for everything. Best wishes!"

Love, Oksana Baiul


"Dr. Sun: Love!"

Sheryl Crow


"Dr. Sun and staff: You are marvelous!!"

Lots of love, Troy Byer


"I’ve never had so much fun at the dentist! Because of you I can’t wait to smile! Thank you for making me proud to smile! All my love and thanks!"

My love always,

Jennifer Love Hewitt


"Dr. Sun, Thanks for all the laughs and especially all the gas!! Most of all giving me so much confidence when I smile..."


Julie Brown


"Dr. Sun, Are you the real tooth fairy?"


Kelly Lynch


"Grace, Peace, Happiness...Thanks for being gentle."


Hank Cheyne


"Dr. Sun, Thank you for looking after my teeth and for your patience, my very best to you."

Tsai Chin


"Dearest Dr. Sun Thank you for the most thoughtful enjoyable dental visit ever! And thank you to all your wonderful staff."

Alexis Dziena

P.S. Delicious Cake


"Dr. Sun and staff, you saved my life and career."

Thanks, George Haber


"Dr. Grace, Thanks!"

Sylvester Stallone


"Grace, Thank you girl, Bless you!"

Donna Summer


"Grace "The Best"!"

Jean Claude VanDamme


"Dr. Sun, you and your staff make going to the "dreaded" dentist office a pleasurable experience. You’re the best!!!"

Love, Renee Jones


"Grace, you make dentistry a piece of cake, thank you!"

Ruth Pointer


"Dr. Sun, the best dentist on the planet!"

Jason Statham


"Dr. Sun, with all my love. Thank you for always being there for me!!"

Mykelti Williamson


"Grace, Thanks for always being the most gracious lady that you are! While you have given so many great smiles to patients through the years, the reality is you have the best smile of all!!"

Richard Matthews


"Dearest Grace!!! You’re always in my heart. With my heart and love"

Willi Geller


"Dr. Sun, you are great, you are the reason why my son likes a dentist. We all love you. You have given me a new life.“

Love & All The Best,

Antonio Sabato Jr.


"Dear Dr. Sun, For all the years that I’ve been coming here TODAY was great. My feet were rubbed and it made me feel wonderful. Every time I am here I love the energy that comes from this office and how it energizes me for the rest of the day! You all take great care in my well-being and my teeth. I look forward to my Dr. Sun appointments! Thank you"

Kathy Kaehler


"Pandering at Dr. Sun’s. The best smiles on earth."

Heidi Fleiss


"My Dear Dr. Sun, Thank you for sharing your knowledge so that I may look my best. You are a wonderful woman, please continue!"

Diahann Carroll


"I would never consider going to any other dentist other than the fabulous Grace Sun. From the ever-cheerful staff to the glorious teeth cleaning-while-also-getting-foot-rubs, it is simply the best dental group one could experience. But most importantly, Dr. Sun is at the top of her field. She is constantly upgrading methods and procedures, keeping her in the cutting edge of dentistry. Let’s face it, Who really enjoys going to the dentist? After one visit to Dr. Sun you will truthfully admit “I DO!"

Melody Thomas Scott


"Dr. Sun keeps my smile sunny! Floss the ones you want to keep!"

Mario Van Peebles


"I asked Dr. Sun to put in a new tooth to match the others, she put in a tooth with 4 cavities. She’s the best."

Rodney Dangerfield


"You are all sweethearts. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

Joan Dangerfield


"To Grace Sun: A good mother, lovely person, and the best, most thorough, gentle and meticulous dentist in the whole world."

Rickie Lee Jones


"Dr. Grace Sun: I’ve never had a something fit in my mouth without having the urge to bite it off. You are more than special to me. You are the facilitator to pay my bills. And that is a necessity. To brilliant smile everywhere. Thank you."

Julian McMahon


"Dear Dr. Sun! Thank you for always taking care of my teeth. You make me look my best. You are a wonderfully sweet person - I really enjoy being your patient! Best wishes always!"

Mena Suvari


"Dear Grace, You have given me the confidence to smile and go bite a dog. Thanks Sister."

Bill Murray in Spa Dentistry Heaven


"Dear Grace, After years of dreading the visit to the dentist, I found you. Never was there any pain (in many procedures)! Even the root canal was enjoyable. I didn’t inherit a great set of teeth, but with the help and expertise of Dr. Sun’s office, you never know it. It’s a pleasure and a great relief to know that the visit to the dentist can be so (dare I say it) relaxing. Love the office. Love the staff.Thank you for keeping me healthy and for the confidence of a great smile all these years. BEST!"

Christopher McDonald


"Dr. Sun, Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I am forever grateful for the love you have shown me. Fight On!"

Troy Polamalu


"Dear sweet lovely sparkling Dr. Sun, Thank you for your kindness , care and dedication. You are the sunshine of my smile! You bring Grace and style to everything you do, to every mouth you touch. You have golden hands and a golden heart. Thank for making my smile sparkle. You become a better human being every time I see you. You touch my heart more and more. Your dedication to your profession, to your art inspires me, Thank you for your brilliance and for giving me a WINNING smile!"

Jann Karam


"Dear Dr. Sun and everyone at Sun Dental, I can’t believe I lived with an ugly wonky tooth for over 10 years. Not only do I have beautiful teeth, I have conquered my debilitating fears. Root canal?! No problem! None of this would be possible without the beautiful kindness and tender care from everyone involved. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

Pilar DeMann

"Dear Grace, You are an artist, a magician, a joy and a beauty. If I was single I’d be at your door with flowers. You took away my fear! Love & Respect."

Mitch Glazer


"Thanks Dr. Sun and the whole team who make it easier for me to chew my cup! I love my new bite. "

Keith Stern